Custom Rifle product shot built by Sterling Precision
Pair the right rifle for the right game… Consider us precision rifle matchmakers.
Trophy Rifle built by Sterling Precision
When it’s hunted versus hunter... Better have an accurate rifle in hand.
Blurry vision can make for a tricky shot
Blurry vision can make for a tricky shot. Seek clarity with a quality riflescope.
Hunting rifles built by Sterling Precision, LLC
One is none, two is one…


Raising the bar & exceeding expectations

Sometimes necessity truly can be the mother of invention. Which is precisely what happened when our founder/president, Adam Busse, experienced several, let’s say, “disappointing” attempts at ordering custom long-range rifles firsthand. He was less than impressed. Determined to fill a need that he and other shooting enthusiasts like him had, Adam surrounded himself with a team who believed, as he did, that quality should be the number-one priority and Sterling Precision, LLC was formed.

Today, Sterling Precision operates under the core principle that “Quality is Priority,” and all of our products are held to a standard others shy away from. You have our word on it. After all, raising the bar to exceed expectations is the whole reason we started this business.


Custom Rifle built by Sterling Precision, LLC

Custom rifles

We build rifles that we think are awesome–and we’re sure you will, too. For sportsmen or shooters who may need a rifle quickly, trust us to pair you with something that’ll meet your needs. And exceed your expectations.  

Ready To Ship Rifles built by Sterling Precision, LLC

Ready to ship rifles

We’ve been building custom precision rifles long enough to know what our customers want. That’s why we offer a line of preassembled rifles that are ready to ship, no build time required.