Forebear – Muzzleloader


If your family has been in America for some time, it’s likely that one of your ancestors carried a muzzleloader. Well, muzzleloaders have come a long way since then and, with our Forebear rifle, a hit at 600+ yards is not unheard of. A super-light stock matched with a K&P stainless-steel barrel are just two features of the Forebear that will contribute to quickly making it your favorite hunting rifle.

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Rifle Options

Barrel K&P 458
Action Stiller Black Max / Defiance Rebel
Stock AG Alpine Hunter / Privateer
Trigger TriggerTech / Diamond / Special
Rail Defiance SS
Muzzle Brake Sterling
Other Aluminum Ramrod
Bottom Metal Atlas Bipod Picatinny Rail
Accessories Atlas Bipod
Optic Rings Nightforce Scope Rings
Optics Nightforce / Swarovski / Leupold