Argali – Ultra Light Pro Hunter


If you’re one of those guys who cuts their toothbrush in half to save weight in your shaving kit, then the Argali is for you. Named after a large wild sheep of central Asia, the Argali features a titanium action that shaves off eight ounces of weight, and a PROOF Research carbon-fiber barrel knocks off another 10 ounces, making it the lightest weight rifle in its class. Something you’ll appreciate as you trudge up and down steep mountain terrain in search of that trophy animal.

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Rifle Options

Barrel PROOF Carbon Sendero
Action Lone Peak Fusion / Razor Titanium
Stock Privateer / Chalk Branch
Trigger TriggerTech / Diamond / Special
Rail Aluminum
Muzzle Brake Sterling Titanium
Bottom Metal Atlas Bipod Picatinny Rail
Accessories Atlas Bipod
Optic Rings Nightforce Scope Rings
Optics Nightforce / Swarovski / Leupold