Bullets & Reloading

When it comes to the twist rate of your barrel, it can make a big difference in the accuracy of your rifle. The twist rate is how many inches of barrel for a complete revolution. For instance, an 8-twist barrel will have the bullet spin one time per every 8 inches. If the bullet doesn’t spin at the proper RPM for its specific weight and dimension, it won’t travel with much stability. Therefore, it will lead to inaccuracy down range. Alice Jones referenced an American football to compare the definition of twist rate. She states that, “throwing a football with a good spiral makes your throw far more accurate than just tossing it end over end…a wobbly pass is inaccurate because it almost flutters in the air, constantly changing direction. The spiral motion is what keeps the ball more stable in flight.” When shooting your rifle, it is the same thing. If the bullet doesn’t balance in flight, it won’t be accurate. The heavier the grain of the bullet, the faster the twist rate should be for accuracy. The best way to achieve great accuracy is to reload ammo and stay consistent.  

When it comes to choosing the twist rate of your rifle barrel, most shooters don’t realize they have a choice and manufacturers rarely give them one. This is where Sterling Precision steps in. With a guaranteed accuracy promise, we help the shooter be as accurate as possible and guide them with questions on things such as twist rate. Every detail is important and we make sure to take notice. Twist rate is just one factor that affects the accuracy of shooting. Also, understanding what it is and applying it can help fine tune your shooting performance.  

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