Bullets & Reloading

Is it possible to get accuracy from factory ammunition offerings or do the rounds need to be reloaded and tuned to the rifle? A properly built rifle should be capable of shooting extreme accuracy at long distances. The rifle industry has evolved and now more than ever shooters are demanding the highest level of accuracy.

Can you get excellent accuracy from store bought ammunition? Bottom line, yes. While there are many other considerations when making this statement, factory ammo is capable of shooting ½ MOA or better. It is suggested to have several boxes in a variety and test them at the range. If shooting a factory rifle, make sure you know the twist rate. Test factory ammo that has the proper weight for the twist you are running. One of the common mistakes we see is a factory rifle shooting ammo not suited for the barrel. If you are building a custom rifle, talk to your builder and ensure they are using the proper reamer to chamber your rifle to match the ammunition you would like to shoot. Good rifle builders should already know what combinations work best.

It is no secret that the most accurate rifle loads come from reloading. When hand loading, you are developing a round custom to the chamber of your rifle and tuned to the harmonics of your barrel. You have control over brass, bullets, primers, and the powder used along with how it gets prepped before the loading process begins. Accuracy depends on consistency. The downside of reloading is the initial cost involved to get the necessary equipment. Reloading provides an opportunity to learn about ballistics and further your knowledge as a shooter.

In closing, they each have their pros and cons, but both get the job done.  No matter which direction you choose to go if you take the proper steps, do your research, and remain detail oriented you will achieve the success we all are looking for – first round impact on target!