image A common question we receive is how a person can ship a firearm. Listed below is a handy “how-to” guide that answers this question and references applicable laws. Always double check with each individual shipper for any local guidelines that you must also be aware of. First, you should be familiar with the terms “licensed” and “unlicensed.” Simply put, if you do not have a Federal Firearms License (FFL), you are unlicensed. Unlicensed persons must ship modern firearms to a licensed FFL dealer only (for example, your local gun store). If the buyer, or person receiving the firearm, is not licensed, they will also need to make arrangements to have the item shipped to a licensed FFL dealer in their state to pick up the firearm. Before you ship a rifle or any kind of gun, the buyer must fax or email you a copy of their dealer’s signed FFL license. You can only ship the gun to the address on the license. You can take the copy of this signed FFL with you when you take the firearm to be shipped in case the shipper requests it.

Basically, you must ship to an FFL holder.

Any person who is legally allowed to own a firearm is legally allowed to ship it to an FFL holder for any legal purpose (including sale or resale). Here is what concerns the reference ATF P 5300.4 which is the ATF “Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide” on this matter:

May a Nonlicensee Ship a Firearm by Carrier?

A nonlicensee may ship a firearm by carrier to a resident of his or her own state or to a licensee in any state. A common or contract carrier must be used to ship a handgun. In addition, Federal law requires that the carrier be notified that the shipment contains a firearm and prohibits common or contract carriers from requiring or causing any label to be placed on any package indicating that it contains a firearm. [18 U.S.C. 922(a)(2)(A), 922(a) (3), 922(a)(5) and 922(e), 27 CFR 178.31, 27 CFR 478.31 and 478.30]

May a Nonlicensee Ship a Firearm Through the U. S. Postal Service?

A nonlicensee may mail a shotgun or rifle to a resident of his or her own state or to a licensee in any state. Handguns are not mailable. A common or contract carrier must be used to ship a handgun. A nonlicensee may not transfer any firearm to a nonlicensed resident of another state. The Postal Service recommends that long guns be sent by registered mail and that no marking of any kind which would indicate the nature of the contents be placed on the outside of any parcel containing firearms. [18 U.S.C. 1715, 922(a)(3), 922(a)(5) and 922 (a)(2)(A)] The section of the US Code governing modern firearms is called Commerce in Firearms and Ammunition (CFA). This code is available online: Just so you will not be in doubt, always arrange for transfer through a licensed dealer. Violation of the CFA is a felony, and penalties for violation are severe. If you have any questions about shipping on your order or other general inquiries, feel free to contact us anytime. Original Source: