What is the most popular hunting caliber?

This depends on several factors, including which type of game you’re hunting and the topography of the location in which you’re hunting. If you’re hunting medium-sized game, the 6.5 Creedmoor or 7 Rem Mag are two of the most popular calibers. For bigger game requiring more of a punch to take them down, 28 Nosler and .300 Winchester Magnum are two popular calibers.

What is your turnaround time on a rifle build?

One aspect of “The Sterling Advantage” is that we stock hundreds of PROOF Research carbon-fiber barrels and Defiance actions, so we can typically build rifles faster than many of our competitors. Our average build time ranges from 10 to 12 weeks, unless special components are requested, in which case the build time depends on the availability of these special components from specific manufacturers.

What is the advantage of a carbon-fiber barrel vs. stainless steel?

The primary advantage of a carbon-fiber barrel is reduced weight, which is especially important for hunting or other applications where you may be carrying a rifle for great distances or extended periods of time. A carbon-fiber barrel can weigh 50% less than a stainless-steel barrel. Using carbon fiber in a barrel also dampens the vibration of a barrel, allowing for improved accuracy. Lastly, a carbon-fiber barrel dissipates heat generated quicker and more efficiently than a stainless-steel barrel.

How much do Sterling Precision rifles cost?

Our rifle packages typically range between $4,200 and $6,000, not including optics. The actual price of your rifle will depend on selections you make, the components used, and any options you add.

What are the keys to manufacturing an accurate, repeatable rifle?

There are several factors involved in creating a rifle that will shoot a ½-minute group or better vs. a rifle that will shoot a ¾- to one-minute group. State-of-the-art gunsmithing and top-of-the-line, quality components are two big factors. How a barrel is machined, chambered, and matched to the action—along with attention to detail when bedding and building the rifle—are also critical.

Once a rifle is built, pairing it with the right optic is key to its accuracy. A high-quality optic with superior glass that will track flawlessly is a must. Ammunition also plays a role. Factory ammo is usually about quantity over quality. To have a remarkably accurate and repeatable rifle, you should use high-end ammunition manufactured by a reputable manufacturer for your rifle.

Why choose a Sterling Precision rifle over a rifle built by one of your competitors?

There are lots of reasons to choose one of our rifles, but here’s the reason we cite the most: The attention to detail we give while building your rifle out of the highest-quality components in our state-of-the-art machine shop results in the most accurate, most repeatable rifle in the industry. Period.

What is the break-in procedure for one of your rifles?

A proper break-in procedure is very important in ensuring a long-lasting, accurate barrel. This procedure smooths and conditions the inside of the barrel, knocking down any imperfections in the rifling. This procedure can be time consuming, but it’s extremely important. The following steps should be taken to break-in your rifle:

  1. Shoot One Round: Let the barrel cool and then clean it with a copper-removing bore solvent before oiling lightly. Repeat five times.  
  2. Shoot Three Rounds: Let the barrel cool and then clean it with a copper-removing bore solvent before oiling lightly. Do this once.
  3. Shoot Five Rounds: Let the barrel cool and then clean it with a copper-removing bore solvent before oiling lightly. Do this once.
  4. Enjoy Your Rifle!

What is Sterling Precision’s accuracy guarantee?

We guarantee our rifle, when used with quality ammunition, to shoot a ½-minute group or better at 100 yards.

What is an FFL, and how do I find a reputable dealer that possesses one near me?

An FFL is a Federal Firearms License. Anyone who holds one of these licenses is allowed to send and receive firearms, as regulated by the ATF. A simple internet search should yield reputable FFL holders in your area.

View FFL Transfer Form

How should I clean and lubricate my rifle?

Rifles require cleaning at regular intervals and/or after each use to function properly. Cleaning the bore, chamber, and action a quality solvent and then lubricate them with a quality firearm lubricant. The exterior should be wiped down after each use and lightly oiled if stainless or blued. Avoid using any oil or chemicals on carbon-fiber or a painted chassis.

Is my trigger adjustable? If so, how do I adjust it?

Most quality triggers are adjustable; however, adjustment procedures vary by manufacturer. each having a few different steps to adjust correctly. Consult the user manual for your trigger for adjustment instructions. Click here for adjustment instructions on TriggerTech triggers for Remington Models 700 & 7.

What role in a rifle’s accuracy does ammunition play?

You’ve heard the expression, “Garbage in, garbage out”? Well, if you use sub-par ammunition, you can expect sub-par accuracy. Quality ammo is critical to accuracy. A cartridge has four main components—bullet, brass, powder, and primer. If any one of these components is lacking, your point of impact is compromised. For the most accurate cartridge, it is best to use the highest-quality ammunition.  

Does Sterling Precision have a retail store?

Yes. It is located at 1602 Airpark Dr, Farmington, Missouri, 63640.

Does Sterling Precision have engraving capabilities?

Yes. We have a very detailed engraving system that can engrave a variety of materials, including metal, carbon fiber, polymer, and leather.

Does Sterling Precision re-barrel rifles?

Yes, we do offer re-barreling services. For the most accurate re-barreling, we ask that you also send us your rifle’s action.

Does Sterling Precision offer load-development or shooting lessons?

We do offer load-development. Please call us at 573.218.4888 for more information. For shooting lessons and other training, we recommend the services of Modern Day Sniper.

Does Sterling Precision offer reloading components?

Yes, we do currently offer a variety of reloading components. Please contact us for pricing and availability information.

Why should I buy a Sterling Precision custom rifle over a factory rifle?

Most factory rifles are produced on a production line, where quantity is the focus over quality—with no accuracy guarantee. A custom rifle is built by qualified machinists and gunsmiths who use the highest-quality components and assemble the rifle to exacting tolerances and demanding specs. The rifle is then tested for accuracy, and if it doesn’t meet our accuracy guarantee, it doesn’t leave our facility. The end result is the most accurate, most repeatable rifle you can purchase.

Does Sterling Precision have ammunition for sale?

Yes, we regularly stock ammunition. However, as you’re probably aware, supply can vary greatly, so check with us to see if we currently have inventory for your rifle.