We’ve been building custom precision rifles long enough to know what our customers want. That’s why we offer a line of preassembled rifles that are ready to ship, no build time required. Whatever your passion–hunting, recreational shooting, or competition–these ready-to-ship rifles offer the same performance, reliability, and durability as our custom-builds right out of the box.  

7 Rem Mag Rifle

7 Rem Mag – PC20269

This lightweight rifle for right-handed big-game hunting features a carbon-fiber PROOF Carbon Sendero barrel and a carbon-fiber McMillan Game Hunter stock.

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6 BRAI – VL0038

Built for hardcore competition, barrel set screws make switching out the K&P 26” barrel, chambered in 6 BRAI, to .308 easy.

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6.5 SS – A02456

Chambered in 6.5 Sherman Short with a Curtis Custom Axiom action, this right-handed rifle is ready to be set in a stock of your choice.

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30 Nosler – PC20005

This large-caliber hunter is chambered in .30 Nosler and features a 29” Bartlein barrel capped with a PTG muzzle brake.

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6XC – PB12713

With a Krieger barrel and Stiller Predator action, capable of taking down trophy animals from extreme distances.

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