Money can’t buy happiness…

But it can buy a top-notch precision rifle.

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Shopping may not be as fun as shooting, but you can’t do the latter–at least not using the products and services Sterling Precision offers–without the former. Get started finding what you need to take your shooting to the next level and add it to your cart.  


Custom Rifle built by Sterling Precision, LLC

Custom rifles

We build rifles that we think are awesome–and we’re sure you will, too. For sportsmen or shooters who may need a rifle quickly, trust us to pair you with something that’ll meet your needs. And exceed your expectations.  

Ready To Ship Rifles built by Sterling Precision, LLC

Ready to ship rifles

We’ve been building custom precision rifles long enough to know what our customers want. That’s why we offer a line of preassembled rifles that are ready to ship, no build time required.