Rifle & Gunsmith Services

At Sterling Precision, we believe that any job worth doing–no matter how big or how small–is worth doing right. Whether we’re performing gunsmithing services, laser etching, laser engraving, custom painting, or coating your favorite rifle, count on our experienced craftsmen to get the job done on time and on point.   

Laser Etching


Laser etching and laser engraving are two very popular services that enhance the aesthetics of a custom rifle and make it even more custom. Our state-of-the-art equipment and master engravers are ready to help take your rifle to the next level with laser etching or engraving on metal, glass, certain plastics, and carbon fiber. Some examples of popular laser etching and engraving applications include, but are not limited to, part numbers, names, logos, bar codes, graphics, and serialization of components.

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A Cerakote coating not only looks great, it improves your rifle’s strength and durability and protects your investment from wear and tear and the elements. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and know-how to expertly coat your rifle with a custom Cerakote finish that looks great and takes your rifle to the next level.

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Gunsmith Pricing

You wouldn’t let just anybody build or use your precision rifle. Don’t let just anyone work on it either. Our skilled gunsmith’s possess the expertise and artistry to perform the repairs, enhancements, or customization you’re looking for. We offer a base set of services, but we’re all ears if you’re looking for a service you don’t see below.  

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Custom Painting

Want to give your firearm a new look? Sterling Precision offers custom rifle painting. Whether you’re hunting big game or competing in big contests, we can get your rifle looking brand new. 

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