Re-barreling Mag Bolt and Below (fit, chamber, cut, crown & thread muzzle)$400
Cut and Crown$100
Thread for brake/suppressor$125
Spiral Flute Barrel$175
Straight Flute Barrel$175


Side Bolt Stop Release for RemingtonN/A
Hex Cut Bolt ShroudN/A
Tactical Bolt Knob (knob included)N/A
Spiral Flute Bolt$100
Straight Flute Bolt$100
Skeletonized Bolt Handle$150


Scope Mounting$60
Lap Scope Rings$50
Drill/Tap per hole$40


Action Truing (Remington-style actions)$350
Glass Bedding$400
Install Pillars (G10 or Aluminum)N/A
Trigger Install/Adjustment$45

General Gunsmithing

Shop Rate$85/hr

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