Savior – Pro Tactical


Most SWAT engagements are around 80 yards, so supreme accuracy is a must. And, since bad guys like to operate under the cover of darkness, we’ve added a night-vision bridge so you can have the upper hand in low or no light. The Savior’s short barrel allows for maneuverability in tight spaces. Choose a folder for improved packability but gives you plenty of reach for longer shots.

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Rifle Options

Barrel PROOF Carbon Sendero / K&P M24
Action Defiance anTi / Deviant Hunter / Rebel / Tenacity / Zermatt TL3 SR3
Stock Manners T4A / KRG Whiskey Folding / Manners MCS / EH1 Elite Hunter / McMillan Game Warden / AG Alpine Hunter
Trigger TriggerTech / Diamond / Special
Rail Defiance SS
Muzzle Brake APA / Sterling
Bottom Metal Atlas Bipod Picatinny Rail
Accessories Atlas Bipod
Optic Rings Nightforce Scope Rings
Optics Nightforce / Swarovski / Leupold