3.35 Inch Picatinny Rail BT15


3.35 Inch Picatinny Rail BT15

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Precision machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum and coated with a durable Mil-Spec Type III Class 2 finish, this lightweight but robust 3.35-inch Picatinny rail accommodates hole patterns with a center-to-center spacing of 1.76-2.78 inches as well as a relived back to accommodate curved surfaces. Its flush cup also allows for the use of flush cup swing swivels and sling studs, neither of which are included. For a fastener, you can use a standard sling stud and sling stud spacer or two button-head machine screws, also not included. Along with attaching this versatile rail to the forend of standard stocks, it can also be attached to a horizontal surface on the butt section to attach a BT Industries BT12, BT13, or BT31 Precision Rail Monopod.
·        Length: 3.35”
·        Weight: 0.92 oz
·        Mounting Hardware: Not included

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 8 in


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