Nightforce Wedge Prism Assembly – 100MOA


When shooting at extreme ranges, many shooters find their rifle scope lacks the necessary elevation travel. So, The Nightforce Prism 100 MOA is install forward of the rifle scope to increase the effective elevation travel.

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Nightforce Wedge Prism 100 MOA – EXTEND YOUR RANGE

If you need to make precision shots at extreme ranges, you may find your riflescope lacks the necessary elevation travel. Problem solved with Nightforce Wedge Prism. By installing it forward of the riflescope, you increase the effective elevation travel. The Wedge Prism also optically shifts the incoming image to the rifle scope by a precise elevation value, which adds to the available elevation travel within the scope. Extend your range with this ingenious solution by Nightforce that’s compatible with all riflescope brands.

 Key Features:

  • 100 MOA/29.1 MRAD* elevation shift variants available for extreme
    long range use
  • Quick-detach MIL-STD 1913 attachment ensures consistent elevation shift when installed
    in the field
  • Compatible with all brands of riflescopes
  • Exact elevation shift measured for each unit and engraved for reference in the field

Optical Shift | 100 MOA / 29.1 MRAD*
Length | 1.8 in / 46 mm
Width | 2.7 in / 69 mm
Height | 3.3 in / 38 mm
Glass Centerline | 1.5 in / 38 mm
Weight | 9.2 oz / 262 g (100 MOA)
Mounting System | MIL-STD 1913 (1.5in / 3 slots)

*The listed optical shift is a nominal value. The actual shift varies slightly and is measured and engraved on each unit.
MOLLE padded carry case
Flip-cap lens cover
Lens cleaning cloth

Additional information

Weight1.2 lbs
Dimensions5.25 × 5 × 5 in


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