While some people prefer to hunt alone, there are some benefits to hunting with a partner. Such as having someone there to help in case an injury occurs or gaining some knowledge. However, picking a good hunting partner can be more of a task than you think. You might think that just asking a friend to go hunting with you would be a good way to gain a hunting partner, but you have to consider whether or not your friend has the same mindset as you do with regards to hunting. If not, you could find yourself frustrated with your friend and ready to leave before you have even had a chance to see anything. The qualities that your potential hunting partner may possess can impact whether or not you have a good hunting experience or a really bad one. Here are some qualities to look for when picking a good hunting partner.

Firearms Safety

First and foremost, you want a hunting partner who is as disciplined with firearms safety as you are. You would not want someone who is complacent when it comes to following firearms safety rules. When hunting you should feel safe with whoever you are with. You should not have to worry about if your partner is being safe around you when carrying a loaded firearm. You might be able to determine this by taking your potential hunting partner to the range. You can observe how they handle a firearm and can determine how serious they are when it comes to observing firearms safety rules.

Appreciation for Hunting

Some people may only want to hunt for a specific element, like bone, or are so focused on just getting a kill. If you are the type of person who appreciates the art of hunting, you want someone with that same mindset. If you are the type of hunter that is out in the wild and actually pursues the hunt on foot, you may feel at odds with a person who just wants to be in a high fence area with a high powered rifle scope.

Someone You Get Along With (Similar Personality)

You may be spending hours with this person, so obviously you want to make sure you and your partner can get along. Having similar personalities or enjoying the same type of humor will help. Certain situations may put you both in as stressful mindset. Being able to communicate with each other in a clear, concise manner is something to be confident about when considering someone for a good hunting partner.

Knowing the Rules and Regulations

Being aware of hunting club rules and regulations is definitely a quality you want in a hunting partner. You do not want someone who is going to willingly break the laws or is ignorant of them. Having to explain to the authorities why you and your hunting partner broke the law could get your license taken away and will ruin what should be a fun and relaxing experience.

Patient and Disciplined

Hunting can test your patience. When you are sitting in the same position for hours on end, you do not want your partner to get frustrated and give up.

A good hunting partner should share the same outlook toward hunting that you do. You want someone who will bring out your best qualities and you want to do the same for them as well. By taking the time to pick a good hunting partner, you will ensure that the hunting season is a fun and enjoyable one for you.

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