Precision & Accuracy


When it comes to a good long range shooting position, there are fundamentals that should be applied to any shooting position; whether that position is sitting, kneeling, standing, or prone.  Although the prone position offers the most stability, there are some common factors that can be applied to any position to be accurate and effective.

Vertical Bone Support

When artificial support (such as sandbags, bipods, logs, etc.) are not used, your upper body must support the rifle. Bone support is the foundation of any firing position by providing this steady support. In the prone position, the forward hand on the rifle should be relaxed and elbow close to the rifle providing vertical bone support. When using bone support, you can relax your muscles which reduces any movement caused by tense or trembling muscles. In a non-prone position, the forward elbow should be positioned firmly under the rifle to allow a stable position. The placement of your rear elbow plays a factor in this as well. In the prone position, the placement of your rear elbow must also allow for vertical bone support. Otherwise, placement should allow shoulders to remain level. Aside from tension in the trigger finger and firing hand, using any muscle will generate movement of your sights.

Butt of Rifle High in Pocket of Shoulder

The butt of the rifle should be placed in the pocket of the firing shoulder. This will reduce the effect of recoil and ensure a steady position while firing.

High Firm Pistol Grip

Once you have gripped the small of the stock, use the middle through little finger in exerting a slight rearward pull on the grip to keep the butt of the rifle firmly in the pocket of your shoulder. Ensure your index finger does not touch the stock of the rifle when on the trigger. This will avoid disturbing the rifle’s position when the trigger is squeezed.

Stockweld and Eye Relief

Your neck should be relaxed to allow your cheek to fall naturally onto the stock, placing the fleshy part of your cheek onto the stock. The same cheek stockweld should be consistent in any position which provides consistency in aiming. With good cheek stockweld, proper eye relief is able to be maintained. Small changes may occur in eye relief in different firing positions.


Breathing will cause your body to move, which is then transferred to the rifle. By being unaware of your breathing, it will be impossible to maintain sight picture. There is a natural respiratory pause that occurs between breaths. Aiming and shot delivery accomplished during this pause will ensure that your rifle does not move during the delivery of the shot.

Muscular Relaxation

If support is being used properly, you should be able to relax most of your muscles and settle into position. Using muscles to support the rifle can cause it to move as your muscles fatigue.


All of these are important steps in getting the desired long range accuracy for your rifle, but if you’re ready for the next step- call us at 877-330-3475 to start your own custom rifle today.