Gunware, LLC was founded on its core principle that ‘Quality is Priority’, holding all of our products to a very high standard that sets us apart from other companies. We achieve this by creating custom rifles that are machined with unmatched precision, and craftsmanship. That, coupled with our zero tolerance fit from action to barrel, proudly made in America and delivered to your door usually within 90 – 120 days.

Gunware is a rising star for the highest quality custom built rifles, firearms and accessories for hunting and targeting enthusiasts.

After several disappointing attempts at ordering custom rifles, we decided to roll up our sleeves and do it ourselves. Inherent in our company slogan, ‘Quality is Priority’, when it’s time to create your custom long range rifle you can be assured we use only precision machined hardware and leading sight optics such as Nightforce, top of the line rifle barrels, thermal scopes, triggers, and actions. These are rifles made with utmost care and attention to detail, created by people who truly appreciate and know firearms.

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Our heartfelt mission doesn’t end at creating superior sporting and hunting rifles; at Gunware, we supply all your firearms and accessories for reloading from brass to powder. Additionally, you’ll find gunsmithing materials for customization and helping create your own perfect fit from stock to action to barrel.

Whether you need a custom hunting rifle, or a highly accurate competition target rifle equipped with long range optics; Gunware will carefully craft your gun with unrivaled quality and service.

Our custom rifles are exclusively made for you, and personalized for your needs and preferences. Factory pre-made rifles don’t even come close. A custom rifle is tailored to your desired weight, trigger feel and sensitivity, silky smooth slide of the bolt action, and extreme accuracy, all with a comfortable feel that molds to you like a glove. Whether you’re hunting or competition shooting, a custom long range rifle puts you at the top of your game bringing home the trophy.

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Adam Busse

After several disappointing attempts at ordering custom rifles, I decided to roll up my sleeves and do it myself.

In our shop located in Farmington Missouri, we custom make long range rifles with the utmost care. Making sure that they are 100% ready for the range, or the woods, they’re guaranteed to be successful. My passion for rifles started several years ago, and I am devoted to making your hunting experience worth while. 

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