Hawkins Precision

Hawkins Precision designs and creates rifle accessories. They deliver a high level shooting experience and a competitive edge. They manufacture the industries number one selling bottom metals, scope rings, and muzzle brakes. Also, they produce custom component types, design, and manufacturing. They focus on providing the highest quality rifle products on the market.

They are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The highly experienced machinists who are also competitive shooters and hunting fans.

Their precision rifle products offer a better value in both price and quality. Also, they employ quality control standards to certify each part is perfect and free of flaws.

Hawkins Precision stands behind every precision rifle product they produce, and so do we.

They test their products and actively seek pro shooters opinions to ensure their products will surpass all expectations. This process allows them to ensure their products will perform in the worst conditions you can throw at them.

Hawkins Precision partners with top-ranked competitive shooters, pro hunters, and hunting guides. This allows them to keep high standards. Also, actively sponsoring precision rifle events to help grow the sport.

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