For the weight, fit, and feel you want, rely on a Franchi. Its performance afield and at the range feels right.

Feels right: in the crowded bolt-action market. No brand has built a rifle from the ground up on ergonomics, fit and feel. Until now. Secondly, the Momentum is an extension of the shooter’s body, regardless of shooting position. The stock combines sleek lines and crisp checkering to yield an ideal hold. Also, in five different positions on and off the bench, while the recessed swivel attachments save the left hand from recoil.

The Twin Shock Absorber recoil pad—the same we use for our shotguns—soaks up 50% of felt recoil. It minimizes muzzle jump and helps you get back on target quickly. The action features an optimal blend of comfort and crispness with exceptionally smooth bolt operation and a short 60-degree lift.

The single-stage trigger adjusts from 2 to 4 lbs. and teams with the free-floating barrel to deliver superb accuracy. Lastly, Momentum’s exceptional style and modern attitude place it in a class of its own. So, It sports a spirally fluted bolt, exquisitely designed stock with science-based ergonomics. A bright Franchi logo on the grip cap. In all, the Momentum is a rifle that looks as right as it feels.


Few experiences compare with pursuing game in the company of a good hunting dog. The Affinity Companion celebrates the bond between gun dog and hunter in the form of a beautiful, high-performance shotgun sporting detailed engravings of a Labrador Retriever on its nickel-colored receiver. The engraving is complemented by a handsome, AA-Grade satin walnut stock and forend with cut checkering, and a gold trigger inside a black trigger guard.

The Companion performs as great as it looks with large bolt controls and a wide loading port for easy operation with gloved hands. The chrome-lined barrel sports a vented rib and pattern-enhancing Mobil chokes. Inertia Driven® technology teams with a TSA recoil pad to make the Companion a joy to shoot and hunt with.

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