Cadex chassis are the best precision rifle products on the planet. Gunware is a stocking distributor of these chassis!
They provide top quality equipment for the military, special forces, and security. From first concept, design, and delivery of the final product, Cadex is an all in one solution.
These chassis are customizable to fit the shooters needs. Give your rifle system the tactical and capable edge with a Cadex Defense chassis. Also, available in many calibers and configurations. So, for any devoted shooter, these upgrades are a must.
At the front of the US Military with the latest sniper rifle systems. When a standard remington seven hundred long action is dropped into a cadex strike dual chassis, it will instantly deliver exceptional performance over any other stock. They get rid of the need for glass bedding. So, with common tools, the average shooter can take an average hunting rifle and turn it into a sniper system overnight.

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