Berger makes rifle bullets and ammunition for Target, Varmint, Hunting, and Tactical shooting applications. All Berger Products are made to true match grade standards. Equally meaning that they use the highest quality materials, rigorous tolerance tooling, and an inflexible commitment to attention to detail in the manufacturing process.

“If it is a job worth doing, it is worth doing right.”

They have applied this motto to everything within the company. Equally, they continue day to day to keep the highest quality standards for bullets and ammo. They bring bench rest levels of precision. Shooters now have access to a level of factory ammunition never seen before in the industry. Competitive shooters have used Berger to win the Gold in national competitions. However, they have leveled the playing field for shooters that do not have the ability, time, or equipment to reload. They truly set a new standard for match grade ammunition.

They manufacture and distribute in the USA by Capstone Precision Group LLC. Capstone is a part of the Nammo Group, a family that includes other premium brands like Lapua, Bihtavuori, and SK.

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