Reloading Ammo VS Factory Ammo

Is it possible to get accuracy from factory ammunition offerings or do the rounds need to be reloaded and tuned to the rifle? A properly built rifle should be capable of shooting extreme accuracy at long distances. The rifle industry has evolved and now more than ever shooters are demanding the highest level of accuracy. […]

How Much Can A Bullet Not Like A Barrel?

When it comes to the twist rate of your barrel, it can make a big difference in the accuracy of your rifle. The twist rate is how many inches of barrel for a complete revolution. For instance, an 8-twist barrel will have the bullet spin one time per every 8 inches. If the bullet doesn’t spin at the proper RPM […]

Best Caliber For White Tail Hunting

There are many debates that will never die among deer hunters. One of those being the caliber of choice when it comes to hunting white tail. The reality is that there really isn’t a single caliber choice, but there are a lot of great ones. Out of experience, the 6.5 Creedmoor has been proven to […]

How To Ship A Rifle (Or Any Other Firearms)

A common question we receive is how a person can ship a firearm. Listed below is a handy “how-to” guide that answers this question and references applicable laws. Always double check with each individual shipper for any local guidelines that you must also be aware of. First, you should be familiar with the terms “licensed” […]

Children and Firearms Safety

When it comes to children and firearms, education is key. Although not every child is ready to receive hands-on education, safety is something that should be taught in your household if you own firearms. Understanding this responsibility is key to owning and using a firearm. There are two main ways to teach children about firearms […]

Top 5: Best Gadgets for Hunting

The art of hunting dates back thousands of years. Thousands of years ago, it used to be said that the strongest and most-skilled hunters would survive and the rest could easily perish. These were the hunters that not only had the know-how, but also had the best gear. Hunting gear has continuously gotten better and […]

Summer Heat and How Weather Affects Firearms Storage

When it comes to storing firearms, a common question that arises in the summer season is how the weather, particularly heat and humidity, affects firearms when stored. Is there an optimal temperature and humidity level that your rifles must be stored at? Exact numbers can vary depending on a multitude of factors. Some variations include include […]

Picking A Good Hunting Partner

While some people prefer to hunt alone, there are some benefits to hunting with a partner. Such as having someone there to help in case an injury occurs or gaining some knowledge. However, picking a good hunting partner can be more of a task than you think. You might think that just asking a friend […]

Making the Right Wind Call

You have been sitting in a hunting blind all day. You are hungry, bored, and tired. You have fought the urge to give up and just head back to the house. You keep telling yourself to hang in there just a little longer–that the wait will soon pay off. And then, it happens! You see […]

Understanding MIL Versus MOA

When it comes to long range shooting, there are two major systems that you will hear about in regards to scope reticles: Milliradians (MIL) and Minutes-of-Angle (MOA). Whichever one you decide to use, it will be easier if your reticle matches your turrets. They are both units of angular measurements and used quite a bit […]