Gunware FAQs

Who is Gunware?

Gunware, LLC was founded on its core principle that ‘Quality is Priority’, holding all of our products to a very high standard that sets us apart from other companies. We achieve this by creating custom rifles that are machined with unmatched precision, and craftsmanship. That, coupled with our zero tolerance fit from action to barrel, proudly made in America and delivered to your door within 90 – 120 days.

Why you should buy a custom long range rifle as opposed to a pre-made rifle?

Custom rifles are exclusively made for you, and personalized for your needs and preferences. Factory pre-made rifles don’t even come close. A custom rifle is tailored to your desired weight, trigger feel and sensitivity, silky smooth slide of the bolt action, and extreme accuracy, all with a comfortable feel that molds to you like a glove. Whether you’re hunting or competition shooting, a custom long range rifle puts you at the top of your game bringing home the trophy.

Can you ship firearms out of state?

There is a simple yes or no answer, yes. Fortunately, Gunware is a Federal Firearms Licensee, permitting us to sell and ship firearms under strict federal and state guidelines where it is allowed. You will be required to complete an ATF 4473 form and pass a NICS background check prior to picking up the firearm. For more information go to

What is the difference between Gunware and other custom rifle builders?

Gunware is different from other custom rifle builders because we truly love what we do; every gun is treated with special care and attention as if it were our own. The Gunware belief in quality firearms is echoed throughout our precision machined rifles, providing accuracy and fit second to none and brought to your door in 90 days or less. With competitors of the same quality you wait on average a minimum of 6 months, even up to a year to receive your rifle. At Gunware, your purchase guarantees you receive uncompromised quality in a timely fashion proudly made with superior craftsmanship.

What brands of firearm accessories do you carry?

Gunware offers only the elite brands of firearms and accessories starting with McMillan stocks. Familiar quality optic and accessories brands include: Nightforce, Flatline Ops, Talley and Atlas. Our carefully selected rifle parts and hardware include such brands as Borden and Stiller actions along with 20 MOA Rails. Precision rifle barrels include Proof Research, Krieger, Hawk Hill, Bartlein as well as Brux. Our trigger selection includes highly rated Jewell triggers, making sure that no matter what part you’re choosing, you are only getting the best.

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