Sterling Precision Custom Laser Etching and Laser Engraving Service

Laser etching and laser engraving are two very popular services on the market today. Our advanced equipment has a proven track record in laser etching and laser engraving on all metals, glass, some plastics and carbon fiber.

When it comes to our laser etching and laser engraving service, just about anything is possible. Some popular laser etching, and laser engraving applications include part numbers, names, logos, bar codes, graphics, and serialization of components.

Sterling Precision starts with producing a high-quality image of the part number, graphic or logo to be etched/engraved. We then upload a vector file with the desired image into our laser engraving/laser etching software where it is translated into numerical data and programmed to produce the image.

While there are several laser etching and laser engraving machines on the market, they are very limited in their capabilities. And, since laser engraving and laser etching is a process that vaporizes material off the surface, proper ventilation is required. Therefore, it is best to contract with a reputable machine shop for any laser etching or laser engraving service you may need either now or in the future.

Sterling Precision’s laser etching, and laser engraving service is trusted by Law Enforcement, Fire Industry, and Firearms Industry. We are also a one-stop machine shop that can handle prototypes, milling turning, close tolerance machining, small part machining and more. If you have any CNC machining project or are interested in learning more about our laser etching/laser engraving service, give us a call today.