Cerakote your Firearm

Cerakote is a specialized coating that can be applied to wood, polymers, metals, and plastics that is composed of a polymer-ceramic compound. The ceramic coating benefits the firearm by providing and enhancing physical components including:

When it comes to our laser etching and laser engraving service, just about anything is possible. Some popular laser etching, and laser engraving applications include part numbers, names, logos, bar codes, graphics, and serialization of components.

  • Improving the wear and tear of the firearm over time
  • Providing abrasion, corrosion, and chemical resistance
  • Improving strength and durability

As a gun coating Cerakote is part sealant, and part finish- Perfect for extending the longevity of your firearm. Up until a couple decades ago firearms were protected with blued stainless steel. This method does hold up well it is not waterproof. A blued stainless-steel barrel would require a layer of water repellant oil to keep water at bay protecting the firearm from rust and corrosion. This method requires constant maintenance to keep up with.

The ceramic composites form a solid finish that is hard. If dropped the part can withstand impacts, Scratches, and dings. Cerakote is an excellent finish option to add to your firearm which will give you a very nice, finished look and a big durability upgrade.

Cerakote is a great option not only because it is waterproof and able to fully protect your firearm. It is also available in multiple colors to create anything from a subtle to a bold look.

The Benefits of Cerakote

Cerakote is in a league of its own when it comes to gun coatings. Many Cerakote users have noticed they use less gun lubricant. Compared to other lubricants users report that it attracts much less of the unwanted things like dirt, dust, and other particles – keeping it cleaner and functioning properly.

Let Sterling Precision Cerakote your firearm project

Sterling precision Is the leading Rifle builder in the United States. We can build your rifle and expertly apply Cerakote to it matching all the parts for that truly custom look or let us upgrade a firearm you may already have. We all have a personality let us help you let yours out With a truly custom color.